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During the interviews conducted between 1994 and 1996 and on other occasions, such as family reunions and festivities, I was able to make rough notes of the words of several songs sung in something close to Portuguese that are part of the Aguda culture. Unfortunately, many of the voices that can be heard here have since left us, taking with them the songs they sang. Other songs have survived, but their words have been much changed and they are often largely unintelligible.

Associação Brasileira de Cotonu 1.Ensaio da Burrinha (Bourian).1996

Augustinha Abile ou Maman Agustya Abile.22.01.95.Cantiga I

Augustinha Abile ou Maman Agustya Abile.22.01.95.Cantiga II

Bruno Rodriguez.14.02.96.Cantiga I

Bruno Rodriguez.14.02.96.Cantiga II

Bruno Rodriguez.14.02.96.Cantiga III

Bruno Rodriguez.14.02.96.Cantiga IV

Bruno Rodriguez.14.02.96.Cantiga V

Burrinha (Bourian).Ensaio na Casa da Sra. Gonzalo

Burrinha (Bourian).Porto Novo.1996

Canções da Burrinha

Cantiga Burrinha (Bourian).Arlene Morel.1996

Cerimônia de entrega dos atributos.Abomé.1996

Cerimônia de Entronização do Chachá VIII.Uidá.1996

Ensaio Burrinha (Bourian)

Ensaio da Burrinha (Bourian) na Casa dos Amaral.Porto Novo 13.01.95

Ensaio na Casa dos Monteiro.Porto Novo.1996

Ernest de Souza.11.10.95.Cantiga I

Ernest de Souza.11.10.95.Cantiga II

Ernest de Souza.11.10.95.Cantiga III

Joseph Gbédji.11.02.96.Cantiga I

Sra Sacramento, née Vieyra.27.05.95.Cantiga I

Sra Sacramento, née Vieyra.27.05.95.Cantiga II

Sra. Florentine Amègan, née Campos.02.02.96.Cantiga